My adventures in Copenhagen & beyond!

Hi, I’m Sidney! I’m currently studying studio art and environmental studies at Colorado College. You can often find me playing rugby, skiing, hiking, making art, or baking. Going from Columbus, Ohio to Colorado, everyday feels like an adventure; I can’t wait to continue my largest adventure yet in Copenhagen!

Graphic Design Short Study Tour — Odense & Aarhus

September 13th-18th  I like to think of my core course as my home base at DIS. I only have 7 students in my class along with my professor, Jeanette, which has allowed me to to create a strong bond and unity with everyone. Our short study tour week expanded my home base even further.  There…

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On the Road

My day usually goes one of two ways: chill or chaotic. There is rarely an in-between.  On Mondays and Thursdays, my days are usually pretty chill and relaxing as I do not have class or any obligations until 4:30 pm. These days tend to have a bit more variety, however, I didn’t do anything too…

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At my home school, Saturday is always a rugby day. Thankfully, nothing has changed here. The culture, the enthusiasm, and the social (drinking) aspect of the sport spreads internationally. It is comforting to come to a new place to find a new team where many of the things do not change at all.  The CBS…

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First days of Classes, Cablepark & The Cider Festival

On Thursday (8/26), it was finally time to start class. My first class did not begin until 4:30, so I picked up my bike in the morning (success!) and learned the ways of the road, allowing myself to get lost in the city. It was just a little bit difficult to get back as it…

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